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I Prefer N-N-Not To
(İngilizce edisyon)
Cem İleri

Deneme, sanat

İngilizce çeviri: Vanina Kutelas

İngilizce redaksiyon: Lewis Johnson

Kitap Tasarımı: Bülent Erkmen

Kapaktaki Desen: Ayşe Erkmen

1. baskı, Şubat 2022
ISBN 978 625-7917-13-1
39 sayfa, 13,5 x 19,5 cm
Freelife 215 gr, Enso creamy 70 gr

80 tl



"I am writing on a sheet of paper, a different one than the one you are, at present, holding in your hands. I am recording the signs generated by my writing hand. Later, I shall write and rewrite this record until the textural qualities of this sheet of paper become increasingly solid and everything that resembles my writing is destroyed, except maybe for a few shadowy signs. From that moment on, whatever you perceive will be the natural traces of the paper, articulated in writing. I regard this activity not so much as the demonstration of a physical fact, but more as a way to eliminate any irregularities which might be detected in my writing."

"I write: I write... I write: ‘I write...’ I write that I write... I am trying to do what Ayşe Erkmen does. I prefer to do what Ayşe Erkmen does... Erkmen dismantles an exhibition and rehangs it. I dismantle a text and rewrite it. Erkmen turns the walls of the gallery into canvases. I want the pages of the book to turn into walls. Erkmen turns the cover of the book into a canvas. The book that you are, at present, reading.”


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