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Yellow Punctum


Sanat, Bunker Sergileri 
Editoryal konsept ve tasarım: Bülent Erkmen
Metin: Cem İleri
Fotoğraflar: Cemal Emden
İngilizce çeviri: Aslı Mertan
İngilizce redaksiyon: Lewis Johnson
Nisan 2018
ISBN 978 975 8686-91-9
76 sayfa, 16,5 x 21,5 cm
Garda Kiara 150/200 gr
300 tl

“The patterns repeat the photographs but they do not replicate them exactly: they bring other images that resemble but are not exactly the same as them and install them inside the photographs, opening other spaces on the surface. Are these punctums? Does the Yellow Punctum indicate the point of the photograph’s punctum? Or by sitting on the photograph, is it hiding a detail, a scar, a hole? What is it that is underneath this rectangle?
[...] On one of the chairs that seem to have been haphazardly placed in the middle of the space, I sit, next to Sarkis. He is wearing a coat and he’s tied a gold coloured drum on his back. The camera slowly draws near. Sarkis is hitting the yellow drum with his left hand holding the drumstick. At the same time, he’s pouring yellow paint off the brush into a container full of water. The golden coated sound, the sound of Yellow Butcher is everywhere.” – Cem İleri

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